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Maria Montessori Education Foundation News– May/June 2014


 Assistant Certificate Course – Auckland


31 enthusiastic and enquiring students recently gathered for a 9-day Assistant Certificate Course at Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Philippa Romig, Auxiliary AMI Trainer travelled from Switzerland and Carol Potts, MMEF, delivered the lecturers and guided many a thought provoking discussion.

MMEF’s thanks and appreciation goes to Philippa Romig for succinctly and interestingly conveying Montessori theory and practice and to AUT for their support with the provision of an expansive and ideally facilitated space for the course.

Dr Steven Hughes Returns to New Zealand!

Many of you will have received this exciting news by post – it’s true! MMEF and AUT will be hosting a public address given by Steven Hughes – ‘Igniting the Flame – Montessori Education and the Development of the Self’ on Thursday September 11th at AUT at 7.00-9.00p.m.

The event will appeal to anyone with an interest and belief in the enormous potential of children.

Tickets – only $10!! – can be purchased from

Another event is currently being arranged in Warkworth/Matakana for Wednesday 10th September. For more details email

The ‘Pearls’ at the Asian 3-6 Seminar Series

     All the pearls!

In May,  21 trainers in training – affectionately named the ‘Pearls’ – from 7 countries re-gathered for the 2nd seminar of the AMI Asian 3-6

Seminar Series in the land where the daily greeting for many is Namaste.

The definition of this greeting seems to succinctly convey the spirituality

of the people and the warmth of the land said, New Zealand’s trainer in

training, Carol Potts.

I honour the place in you where Spirit lives, I honour the place in you which is of Love, of Truth, of Light, of Peace, when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, then we are One.

“The atmosphere and significance of being in India, a place where Montessori finally formulated her ideas on the Human Tendencies, is both palpable and poignant.

Hyderabad is a sensorial delight of smells, tastes, sounds, sights and textures. We all thrived on the intensity of the study (the food!) and the philosophical discussions!” said Carol.

The photo depicts participants of the 2nd AMI Training of Trainers

Asian Seminar hosted in Hyderabad, together with seminar leader Janet McDonell and AMI trainer Ruby Lau.

The 1st seminar was led by Dr Annette Haines.

4th Assembly of Educateurs sans Frontières – Thailand

In respect of the current political situation in Thailand, we deeply regret to inform you that the 4th Assembly of Educateurs sans Frontières stands cancelled this year. It has been postponed to 2015.
This was a difficult decision, and one that was made only after careful consideration, consultation with local sources in Thailand, and monitoring of travel advisories posted on governmental websites. Based on the travel warnings issued by the various governments, the continuing political uncertainty, and the restrictions on internal movements in the country, it was determined that travel to Thailand is not advisable during this period.
The Assembly is now rescheduled for July/August 2015, to be held at the in Thailand at the same venue: Hotel Inpawa in Khon Kaen. More details will be sent to you when they become available.

Please email with your comments, thoughts and suggestions.

Ka Kite,




Here’s to a Peaceful & Prosperous 2014!




As some of you are already back to school. others may indeed be refreshing, reflecting and reducing some of those extraneous materials that crept onto your shelves over 2013. To bring you back to what is important and what needs to go back to the storeroom – here’s another article by Angeline Lillard entitled  How Important are the Montessori Materials. It’s a timely read for this time of the year.

A.M.I. Assistant Certificate Course – Auckland, April 2014

A reminder that the Early Bird Discount for the A.M.I. Assistant Certificate Course ends on February 28th, don’t miss out! Visit to register on-line.

We’ve received many inquiries, several from potential attendees looking for accommodation in the area. If you’re from out of town,planning to attend and looking to share accommodation send us an email  and we can put you in contact with each other.

An Interesting New Website to Browse

This website was launched at the beginning of the year by AMI USA. I would recommend a visit to the site to watch some priceless snippets of quality Montessori in action at the different age levels 0-3, 3-6, 6-12. These short videos could be a perfect starter for discussion at your staff meetings;)

Have a fabulous start to 2014!

Please email with your comments, thoughts and suggestions.

Ka Kite,






“Aid to Life” Parenting Website


We are pleased to announce that the Aid to Life website for parent education called is now live.

The Aid to Life Initiative is founded on the idea that children develop optimally when they are brought up in an environment that supports their natural development, with an adult who understands how to connect them to positive activity and then allows them enough time to grow and develop according to their own pace and rhythm.

It aims to give parents clear, simple, straightforward advice in a format that is easy to understand and apply.

At the moment this website addresses the child between birth and three but its aim eventually is to address the needs of the child and the role of the parent with children all the way through to adolescence.

In addition to the website, a series of leaflets, booklets and DVDs have been created based on the Aid to Life initiative. These offer a useful resource for parents and anyone wishing to run parent support groups. These can be ordered from the Montessori Australia Foundation by email info.

Please feel free to circulate the website address to all parents of 0-3 aged children:


2012 Training Update


Dear Maria Montessori Education Foundations Supporters

We did it!  At 4:45pm with a deadline of 5:00pm on November 1st , thanks to your wonderful letters of support and overwhelming encouragement: to be precise, MMEF submitted our funding application to the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).

Why does this matter? Because if our funding application is successful, WE can offer the course in 2012, and YOU can apply for a student loan and enrol!

You can sense why we’re so excited.

A huge and resounding thank you to every one of you for springing into action when it really was needed the most.

And a special thank you to Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand for so promptly providing us with the facts and vital statistics to tie up all the loose ends.

Now then, for those of you keen to study for the AMI Diploma in January, even while waiting to hear of the outcome of our funding application, we urge you to complete your application and send it in today.

We say this because we must process all student applications before the end of November, and this will involve an interview, reference reports and a police check, which all take time.

So please don’t delay. Download your application form from, complete your application, and send it to us at MMEF, PO Box 108054, Symonds St, Auckland – simply add a covering letter stating that your application is pending the outcome of TEC funding.

Don’t wait. The end of November will be too late to apply, so download your application form TODAY

That’s all for now dear friends & thank you once again.

Carol, Tia, Anna, Shirley, & Lynne

Information Evening


Maria Montessori Education Foundation

invites you to an

Information Evening

for prospective students of the A.M.I. Montessori

(3-6) Teacher Education Course to be held in Auckland

January 2012- February 2013

This occasion is to find out more about the
forthcoming A.M.I. (Association Montessori Internationale) 

Early  Childhood  Education Diploma Course,
to talk other members of the Montessori
community & learn about Montessori education.

We hope you can attend and you are most welcome to bring a friend.

Monday 22nd August, 2011

7.00p.m – 8.30p.m

Ponsonby Montessori Kindergarten, 244 Richmond Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

by Friday 19th August please to 021 111 4133



Dear Supporters of the Maria Montessori Education Foundation, from MMEF HQ this month…

Montessori Orientation: “Follow the Child!”

On a delightful long weekend in Matakana recently, 20 receptive participants at our Montessori Orientation Weekend – “Follow the Child” revelled in 3 days focusing on the wonder and limitless potential of young children!

One participant said how “wonderfully indulgent” the workshop had been—

“to discover Montessori’s philosophy through passionate speaker Cheryl Ferreira, and to be able to devote three days to purely focus on the child, a distant cry from the completion of endless paperwork and countless meetings!”

I hasten to add that this attendee was just introduced to Montessori over the weekend and therefore not yet attached to a Montessori school, though she’s certainly considering her future options now…

Here’s the glorious mix of teachers, assistants, school owners, parents and grandparents who travelled from as far afield as Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland to join us at Totara Hill Montessori School, Matakana.

Keep your eyes peeled here for the announcement of our next MMEF event.

Sponsorship for 3-6 AMI Training Course

MMEF has received several inquiries from potential A.M.I. students seeking sponsorship for the next 3-6 course–some are from teachers currently working in ECE settings and with teacher registration who are seeking a different approach to the education of the young.

This is an ideal opportunity for schools to acquire that rare resource: a fully-registered and N.Z-qualified A.M.I. staff member!

Please contact us at if your school is looking to sponsor an A.M.I. student. (Just let us know if you have any particular criteria important to you, e.g. you would prefer a B.Ed (ECE) and Teacher Registration or in process of the latter etc. ). The two factors MMEF always emphasise are, first, that it will be a requirement to live within travelling proximity to the sponsoring school, i.e. moving to the school’s location to commence employment and, second, that terms of sponsorship are negotiated between the school and the employee.

Applications to be received by October 1st!

We know from the many inquiries we’ve been receiving that there are a number of course applications ‘in process’ – can we ask you to complete your application enclosures and send them to us ASAP!

Due to the timing of this next course, (i.e. starting in January, 2012,when much of New Zealand is *closed* for the holiday season) our final planning will be underway very soon—so please help us by sending in your applications as soon as possible. Thank you.

Theory-Only Module January 2012

In response to our last newsletter, many of you inquired about the possibility of studying for the theory and psycho-pedagogy components of the course in January.

To give you a little background information, MMEF offered school owners and administrators the opportunity to enrol for the theory-only module of the last course, thus offering the opportunity to those in administrative roles (including school owners) to gain an understanding of the theoretical underpinning of Montessori’s approach to child development. By all accounts these have been extremely popular in other parts of the world!

We will be offering this again next year, with the theory component commencing Tuesday January 3rd and the anticipated duration being 3-4 weeks of full time study. (Exact dates, times and cost will be finalised and sent to you all shortly.) In the meantime, please email with any further enquiries or expressions of interest.

Date for your Diary

Here’s an upcoming event to add to your diary:

MMEF Information Evening – Monday August 22nd, Ponsonby Montessori Kindergarten, 244 Richmond Road, Ponsonby – 7.00 – 8.30p.m.

Come along, bring a friend and find out all about the next AMI 3-6 Course!

That’s all for now. Stay warm, reflect on this thoughtful Zen Proverb ….

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking”

Carol, Tia, Anna, Shirley, & Lynne




Dear Supporters of the Maria Montessori Education Foundation

We’ve been receiving many inquiries about the next course – great, do keep those inquiries coming! As a general response we’re inviting each of you who are even contemplating applying to send in your applications as soon as possible!


Because Director of Training – Cheryl Ferreira is coming to town!

Cheryl will be in Auckland until 23rd July, offering the perfect opportunity for interviews to be scheduled. or call Carol on 021 0260 1802 today and let’s arrange a time!

Expressions of interest for the Theory ONLY lectures in January

At the beginning of the last AMI 3-6 Course, MMEF invited school owners and administrators the opportunity to join us for the first module only, to hear the theory lectures that joyfully unfold the intricacies of child development according to Maria Montessori.

With the next course commencing in January we are seeking expressions of interest from anyone who would like to study the theoretical underpinning of the Montessori Philosophy and discover – why we do the things we do?

  • Sensitive Periods
  • The Absorbent Mind
  • Human Tendencies
  • The Four Planes of Development

These are just some of the topics we explore. Intrigued to know more? Then email with your expression of interest.

Questionnaire – can you assist us?

As many of you may well know, the Maria Montessori Education Foundation (that’s us, folks) has gone to considerable lengths establishing a New Zealand AMI Montessori training centre – offering an AMI qualification here at home that is internationally recognised. Our aim, as articulated by many of you, is to continue delivering high quality and a greater choice of Montessori-trained teachers here in New Zealand.

We love receiving your feedback and your questions. So here are the answers to the most frequently received questions from you, followed by some of our own for you:

Q: Is the MMEF AMI course only offered in Auckland?
A: To date, numbers in Auckland and availability of rental space there means Auckland remains our location of choice currently.

Q: Can I get a government loan for the MMEF AMI course?
A: Due to funding caps, we are presently unable to access the government student loans facility for our students. However, both ASB and The National Bank are amenable to offering Tertiary Loans to our students.

Q: Why do course fees seem so high?
A: The course fees are comparable to those in Asia, Europe and Australia. While we have done everything possible to reduce costs for you, the fees are determined by the cost of the experienced trainer(s) and examiners, and the rental of premises to meet all NZQA requirements and to furnish and equip a complete training environment and practice classroom. This is the cost of quality.

Now, could you please take a moment to answer the following six questions to assist us with our future planning (and to fulfill our ongoing NZQA compliance!): Click the link on questions to respond.

Thank you for assisting us to assist you!

Ka Kite,
Carol, Tia, Anna, Shirley, & Lynne



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